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Grammar / Common typos
attept attempt
Even though you did not win, this was a nice attept
Grammar / Extreme adjectives
extremely big huge
The inflation rate might increase without any limits, and the point, when it gets extremely big is called hyperinflation.
Grammar / Many / More
many book many books
I have read many book this summer. What about you?
Grammar / Determiner agreement
these is this is
We think these is going to strengthen our friendship.
Grammar / There / They're / Their
there their
They left there books on the table. Let's take them to the Lost&Found.
40 feet 40 feet (12.19 meters)
It took six years to complete the statue. The statue was 40 feet high.
Passive voice
Sentence I wrote the book
The book was written by me.
Synonyms / Repeated words
major significant
A major success helped to raise our spirits. This major improvement had a big influence on us.
AI Autocomplete
This improvement had a big influence on us.
A major success helped to raise our spirits. Press to see the autocomplete.
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There are many more things we correct and help you with. Keep exploring while mastering your writing.
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Text Editor.

WeType offers you built-in text editor, including collaboration with your friends and teammates, provides with references if needed, creating summaries, all the information based on your activity and etc.

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Summarizing articles was never easier. Just in a few clicks and ~5 seconds WeType would summarize any article you provide it with. All generated summaries are unique, and can be different length.

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Original Text
WeType is a platform enabling better essay-writing experience. Its work is based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms which allow its users to get useful comments and suggestions such as provision of reliable resources in a particular topic, context and punctuation correction, synonym suggestion and explanation of difference between their meanings and etc. Moreover, the platform suggests possible continuation of essay for its user.
Summarized Text
WeType is an AI based technology, which simplifies the essay writing. It offers synonym suggestion, grammar and puctuation correction, list of reliable sources and many more. It also can complete your idea or provide a new one by generating few sentences.
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What They
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Reviews from the people who got the opportunity to test the demo version. We value our users a lot, try our application to become one of them.

Faik Abdullayev's Avatar

Faik Abdullayev


WeType Stars Review

Saved so much time. The finding of references, summarization of articles, mistake correction and autocomplete were awesome and very fast. Definetly getting myself a subscription once the product is out.

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WeType Stars Review

Never had such a pleasure during writing before. Enjoyed all the available features especially, autocomplete.

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Student / Web Designer

WeType Stars Review

From designer point of view, the website has an incredibly user friendly, intuitive, informative, and modern design. Try it yourself, you won’t regret.